1. Where are you located? 你們在哪裡?

We are based in Auckland, New Zealand.


2. Do you have a physical shop? 沒有實體店?

We only have an online shop at this stage.


3. What is the business hours? 營業時間?

Online shop opens 24/7.

Live Chat: Monday to Saturday, 12pm to 6pm, Sunday and public holidays closed.

網上商店全天候開放, 24小時接受定單

在線客戶服務: 星期一至星期六, 中午12點至下午6點,星期日及公眾假期休息。

4. How can I contact you? 怎樣聯絡你們?

You can contact us via live chat or send us messages here.


5. Why to become a member? 為什麼要成為會員?

We highly recommend you to become a member so you can track the status of your order, and view your shopping history more efficiently.   


6. How to become a member? 如何成為會員?

By clicking the "Signup" button at the top.

You can create an account by using email, your Facebook and Google+.


您可以使用電子郵件, Facebook或Google+

7. How to order? 如何訂購?

You add the items to the cart and make payment. 

Please see here



8. What payment options are there? I don’t have a Paypal account? 有什麼支付方法?沒有Paypal帳戶?

We accept Visa, MasterCard & PayPal at checkout.

You do not need a PayPal account when processing the payment. 

Please see here.




9. How much is delivery? 運費多少錢?

We offer Airmail and Courier service for international orders.

The shipping fee depends on the weight of your order.

You will get a quote of the shipping fee by selecting your country at checkout. Please see HERE.




10. What's the right format for a delivery address? 正確地址格式是怎樣?

It is your responsibility to ensure that your address is accurate and complete when placing your order.

If you are unsure about your address, please contact your local post office or check their website.

If your parcel is being delivered to a business address, you must provide the name of the business.

If your address is an apartment building, please ensure to write the correct apartment number and street address.

Failure to provide a correct address will result in your parcel being returned to us or lost.

LittleKiwiMarket accept no liability for any refund/costs/replacement of any goods, relating to, the incorrect address was given.





未能提供正確的地址導致您的包裹退回給我們或丟失, LittleKiwiMarket不承擔任何退款/任何貨物的費用/更換,涉及地址不正確有關的責任。

11. Can I track my parcel? 我可以追逐包裹?

For international orders, only send with courier service can be tracked. 

We will provide you the tracking number when the parcel has been dispatched.

Airmail service can not be tracked.




12. What happens if my parcel doesn't arrive by the expected time? 如果包裹沒有在預期收到?

Airmail: Target time frame 10-15 working days

International Courier: Target time frame 4-7 working days

If you have not received your parcel in this time, please notify us immediately and we can then launch an investigation with NZ Post. Once an investigation is launched, NZ Post will work with your country’s postal service to attempt to locate your parcel, should they be unable to locate your parcel they will send a letter of “declaration of non-receipt” to the same address. 


This letter serves two purposes; to validate that the address is deliverable and confirm in writing that you have not received the parcel.  Please note: Compensation for your missing parcel can only be received once NZ Post receive your signed declaration of non-receipt.




如果您在這段時間還沒有收到包裹,請立即通知我們,然後我們可以開始對NZ Post進行調查。一旦調查開始後,新西蘭郵政將與您所在國家的郵政部門合作,試圖找到您的郵包,如果他們無法找到您的郵包,他們會發送一封“未收到申報表”到同一地址。

這封信有兩個目的。驗證地址是可交付的,並書面確認您沒有收到包裹。請注意:只有NZ Post收到您已簽署的未收到的聲明後才能收到您的遺失包裹的賠償。

13. Can I cancel my order? 我可以取消訂單嗎?

Sorry, we are unable to cancel your order once your payment has been made.

Please think twice before you make the payment.



14. Do you process refund if I'd changed my mind? 如果我改變了主意,你會處理退款嗎?

Sorry we are unable process any refund once the order has been confirmed. 

Please think twice before you made the order. 



15. Important customs information 海關重要資訊

Customs and import regulations vary widely between countries.

Please see more info here




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