How to Order


Step 1 : Choose your products, change your quantity, add to cart 

步驟 1 : 選擇產品, 更改數量, 加入購物車

Step 2 : Amend / remove quantity, choose country of delivery

步驟 2 : 更改數量, 選擇送貨到的國家

Step 3 : Choose country of delivery, then press "Update"

步驟 3 : 選擇送貨到的國家, 然後按"Update 更新"

Step 4 : Login to your Paypal account or pay with credit card 

步驟 4 : 登入你的賬戶或可使用信用卡付款

Step 5 : Enter credit card details and address

步驟 5 : 輸入信用卡資料及地址

Step 6 : Enter mobile number and email, can choose to open a Paypal account, then press "Continue"

步驟 6 : 輸入手機及電郵,可以選擇開賬戶,然後按 "Continue 繼續"

Step 7 : Choose delivery method, then press "Place Order".

步驟 7 : 選擇送貨方法, 然後按 "Place Order 定購 / 確定付款"


You will get an order confirmation via email.

Your order will be processed within 2-3 working days.

We highly recommend you to become a member ,

so you can track the status of your order,

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