Made in Australia


The YPL Grey Melange is made with alpaca wool, recognized as one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world. The YPL Alpaca wool scarf is in the most elite global fashion houses because of its luster, softness and versatility. While there can be many amazing natural fibers few compare to that of alpaca wool.



Alpaca wool certainly has bragging rights here. The YPL Grey Melange is simply the warmest all-weather friendly fiber. The alpaca fibers naturally contain air pockets on a microscopic scale, providing incredible insulation and keeping you warm during the winter. These same air pockets promote outstanding breathability, thus keeping you cool in the summer at a well regulated temperature. 



Alpaca wool fibers are fine, lightweight and silky. Yet this luxury fiber has great strength and durability. Don't let the cute Alpaca face fool you, these animals are tough and strong, surviving the long and cold Andean winters. With proper care, high quality Alpaca apparel can be an heirloom passed down through the generations.



Soft, soothing, luxurious, comforting. The feeling of a quality Alpaca garment draped around you is pure magic. You know you're wearing one of the true luxury fibers.  Warm, Lightweight, Strong, the YPL Wool Scarf with Alpaca fibers is truly some of nature's finest work. Winters can be cold and harsh, the summer sun can burn right through you, and at such a high altitude, you want to be carrying as little extra weight as possible. The Alpaca fiber is simply a product of its environment and we're lucky enough to be able to share it with you.

YPL Australia Alpaca Wool Scarf 澳洲星空變色駝羊絨圍巾

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  • 澳洲製造


    YPL Grey Melange 採用羊駝毛製成,被公認為世界上最奢華的面料之一。 YPL羊駝毛圍巾因其光澤,柔軟和多功能性而成為全球最精華的時尚品牌。雖然可以有許多驚人的天然纖維與羊駝毛相比很少。



    羊駝羊毛肯定在這裡有吹牛的權利。 YPL Grey Melange是最溫暖的全天候友好纖維。羊駝毛纖維自然地在微觀尺度上包含氣穴,提供令人難以置信的隔熱效果,並在冬季保持溫暖。這些相同的氣袋可提供出色的透氣性,從而在炎熱的溫度下保持涼爽。