Classically rich, deliciously sweet, completely New Zealand, Arataki Comb Honey is 100% pure and natural.

Produced by New Zealand honey bees in the South Island of New Zealand. Arataki Comb Honey is pure and unprocessed. Truly honey as the bees have made it. Honey in its most natural form!


Arataki Comb Honey is gathered from the widespread flowering pastoral land, found throughout the pristine New Zealand landscape. Comb Honey has a delightful aroma and subtle flavours which have been sealed in the wax cells just as the bees made it.


Arataki Honey is one of the largest producers in New Zealand of this premium product.

Arataki Comb Honey 340g 蜂巢蜂蜜340克

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  • Arataki Comb Honey是經典的,美味可口的甜食,完全是新西蘭風味的,是100%純天然的。

    由新西蘭蜜蜂在新西蘭南島生產。 Arataki Comb Honey是純淨的,未經加工。蜜蜂真的做到了蜂蜜。最天然的蜂蜜!

    Arataki Comb Honey是從遍布新西蘭原始花草的廣泛開花的牧場收集的。蜂巢蜜具有令人愉悅的香氣和微妙的風味,就像蜜蜂製造的那樣,它們已經被封入蠟細胞中。

    Arataki Honey是該新西蘭優質產品的最大生產商之一。

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