Perfect for a big night out!

Hydrodol … Designed to Replace,Refresh,Recharge!


Do you wake up after a fantastic night out a bit slower than normal, You know you don’t need to!


Hydrodol is designed to Replace Refresh and Recharge it’s truly a modern miracle.

We would like to introduce you to Hydrodol!


Hydrodol is a comprehensive formula that replaces all the good nutrients lost from a big night out. The things you can’t replace on your own like vitamins, minerals, sugars and amino acids.


So, no mysterious ingredients or chemicals and no secret herb and spices. Only ingredients found naturally in your body are in a Hydrodol capsule, to replace,refresh and energise.


Designed to Replace,Refresh and Recharge with essential Vitamins,amino acids,minerals and sugars.


Hydrodol is a comprehensive formula that aids Rehydration,antioxidant and liver support, B Vitamins for nutritional support.


Made in Australia


BioRevive Hydrodol Natural Hangover Relief 天然解酒片16粒

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  • We’ve made Hydrodol capsules small so they’re easier to swallow. You take 4 capsules when required.


    Don’t forget that Hydrodol is just those amino acids, vitamins and minerals that need replacing when you have a big night out.

  • Each capsule contains:

    Amino Acids

    Alanine 10.5mg, Leucine 7.5mg, Isoleucine 7.5mg, Valine 7.5mg, Glycine 3mg, Serine 1.5mg, Phenylalanine 0.15mg, Tyrosine 0.15mg, Histidine 0.15mg, Glutamine 0.15mg, Asparagine 0.15mg, Proline 0.15mg, Lysine hydrochloride 0.15mg Theronine 0.15mg, Methionine 0.15mg, Cysteine 0.15mg



    Sodium phosphate 3mg, Sodium bicarbonate 2.25mg, Magnesium aspartate 0.30mg, ferrous funarate 0.30mg


    Corn Maltodextrin 168.45mg, Sorbitol 63mg, Dextrose monogydrate 21mg



    Ascorbic acid 0.90mg, Nicotinamide 0.30mg, dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate 0.30mg, Calcium pantothenate 0.30mg, Riboflavin 0.30mg, Thiamine hydrochloride 0.30mg



    Alpha lipoic acid

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