A youth-restoring serum for a smoother and more plump skin!

Combats the multiple signs of ageing.
Makes the skin feel tighter and firmer.
Loaded with antioxidants that provide intensive hydration.

Chantelle Sydney-Celestial Facial Stem Cell Treatment Serum is an essential skincare component for those wanting youthful, healthy skin. Loaded with powerful ingredients, it targets the areas of the face that show the first signs of ageing. This lightweight, silky-smooth serum that suits all skin types is loaded with powerful combination of botanical antioxidants to provide intensive hydration, making your skin feel tighter and firmer. With consistent use, this serum can visibly address uneven skin tone, dullness, frown lines and wrinkles, providing significant improvement to your facial zones for a smoother, more plump and younger-looking skin.


How to use:

Apply a small amount and massage using circular upward motions from neck to forehead.
Follow with Chantelle Sydney-Facial Moisturiser.
Store below 25℃ and avoid direct sunlight.

Made in Australia


Chantelle Celestial Gravity Facial Treatment Serum 澳洲反重力精華 8ml*6

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  • 青春修復精華素,讓肌膚更光滑,更飽滿!



    Chantelle Sydney-Celestial面部幹細胞護理精華素是一款必備護膚成分,適合那些想要年輕,健康肌膚的人。它含有強大的成分,瞄準臉部區域,顯示出最初的衰老跡象。這款輕盈,絲般柔滑的精華素適合所有膚質,含有強效的植物抗氧化成分,可提供強效保濕,令肌膚更緊緻,更緊緻。通過持續使用,這款精華素可以明顯地消除不均勻的膚色,暗沉,皺眉紋和皺紋,為您的面部區域提供顯著改善,使肌膚更光滑,更豐滿,更年輕。



    使用Chantelle Sydney-Facial Moisturizer。


  • Madonna Lily Extract, Jojoba Seed Oil, Gromwell Root Extract, Adenium Obesum Leaf Cell Extract, Turmeric Root Extract

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