This product boasts high antioxidation and can deeply clean the pores while protect your skin against aging, wrinkles, and other problems, restore silky and soft skin condition. With mild  foaming technology, it can also be used as antioxidant facial mask. Apply it to your face for sevreal minutes to remove dirt and refresh skin condition. Made in New Zealand


How to use:

Method 1: As cleansing foam: apply to your skin after wetting your face anadn then wash wtih clean water.

Method 2: As deep cleansing mask: apply approproate amount of the product onto dry skin and massage gently and then wash with clean water after more than 2 minutes.



Coco Brownie Astaxanthin Cleansing Foam 100ml 蝦青素抗氧提亮潔面乳

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  • 該產品具有很高的抗氧化性,可以深層清潔毛孔,同時保護皮膚免受老化,皺紋和其他問題的困擾,恢復如絲般柔軟的皮膚狀態。採用溫和的發泡技術,它也可以用作抗氧化劑面膜。將其塗在臉上數分鐘,以去除污垢並刷新皮膚狀況。新西蘭製造。





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