Need a clever fix when you’re running low on time? Our Freeze Dried coffee is the perfect option when you don’t have a moment to spare! And sourced all the way from Brazil (the experts in coffee for over 150 years!) it tastes amazing and is pretty exotic too.

Freeze Dried coffee locks in the aroma and flavour of the bean, producing a great real coffee taste, compared to regular instant coffee.

Whether you’re wanting mild and smooth or strong and punchy or somwhere in between, we've numbered our blends so it's always simple to get exactly what you love.

#2 Medium
#3 Strong
#4 Very Strong
#5 Extra Strong
X Extreme

Jed's Coffee is New Zealand owned and operated

Jed's Coffee Co Instant Coffee Freeze Dried #3 100g 香濃即溶咖啡#3 100g

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$19.50Sale Price

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