Designed with the unique AU foaming technology and imported USA raw materials, this blender has been made with the highest quality and covered with a unique coating to help absorb the right amount of make-up without wastage. Developed with long lasting materials, this blender provides a natural and flawless finish.

Eaoron AU Mango Blender Collection 芒果美妆蛋 乾濕兩用 3個/盒

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  • 這款芒果美妆蛋採用獨特的AU發泡技術和美國進口原材料設計而成,具有最高的質量,並覆蓋有獨特的塗層,有助於吸收適量的化妝品而不會浪費。用持久的材料開發,這款攪拌機提供自然無瑕的光潔度。