Specially formulated with black caviar extract, micro molecular gold, black pearl, amino acids and ocean minerals to help minimise dark spots, pigmentation and shrink pores, while nourishing and re-hydrating the skin. EAORON BLACK KAVIAR CREAM will help tightening, lifting and firming the skin.


Made in Australia 


Eaoron Black Kaviar Cream 50ml 鱘魚子精華 煥白提亮面霜

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  • 特別配方含有黑魚子醬,微量分子金,黑珍珠,氨基酸和海洋礦物質,有助於減少黑斑,色素沉著和收縮毛孔,同時滋養和補充肌膚。 EAORON BLACK KAVIAR CREAM有助於緊緻,提升和緊緻肌膚。



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