Accurately locating the cause of acne-prone skin, this cream is formulated with carefully selected natural herbs in scientific combination, which ensures a perfect prevention of the 4 steps for the emergence of acne. The intensively penetrated cream elements provide an in-depth replenishment to acne-prone skin, repair and soothe the damaged skin from the surface deep down to the inside. This cream can guard the skin against various problems, make the skin smooth, tender and naturally beautiful.


1. This product is for external use only. Please store it in a place inaccessible for children.
2. Before firs-time use, please apply certain amount of cream behind your ear to test if there is of any adverse effect.
3. Please stop use when there are wounds, dermatitis or other abnormalities on your skin.
4. In case of discomfort after use, please stop use immediately, wash your face with clean water and consult professionals.


Made in Australia


Eaoron Clear Acne Cream 20g 水光祛痘膏

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  • 準確定位痤瘡皮膚的原因,這種乳霜採用精心挑選的天然草藥科學組合配方,確保完美預防痤瘡出現的4個步驟。深層滲透的乳霜成分可深層補充痘痘皮膚,修復和舒緩受損皮膚從表面深處到內部。這款面霜可以防止皮膚出現各種問題,使皮膚光滑,柔嫩,自然美麗。





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