Suitable for all types, especially those with rough and dry skin, the EAORON Hyaluronic Toner has an aqua light texture and is gentle on the skin. It contains natural moisturising factors and organic botanic compounds which deeply hydrate and gently repair the skin, as well as reinforcing the skin’s protective barrier. Through its gentle hydrating formula, it revitalizes the skin and provides an intensive aqua sensation to soothe the skin and restore its youthful brightness.


Made in Australia

Eaoron Hyaluronic Toner 120ml 水光玻尿酸爽膚水

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  • EAORON透明質酸爽膚水適合所有類型,特別是那些皮膚粗糙和乾燥的肌膚,質地輕盈,對皮膚溫和。它含有天然保濕因子和有機植物化合物,深層滋潤和溫和修復皮膚,以及加強皮膚的保護屏障。通過其溫和的保濕配方,它可以使皮膚恢復活力,並提供強效的水感,舒緩肌膚,恢復年輕的亮度。



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