This functional, fuss-free option, described as cleansing balm, comes in solid form but quickly dissolves into a silky oil upon application. This balm is made from 10 types of Australia essential oil which is great for all skin types and is super-effective at removing all make-up – including waterproof products – without any of the rubbing associated with wipes or cotton pads. The silky consistency leaves your skin feeling clean and soothed, like you’ve just had a facial. One thing to mention here is that it’s also fragrance-free, which is great for those who with sensitive skin.


Made in Australia


Eaoron Makeup Remover Balm 90g 温和卸妆膏

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  • 這種功能性,無憂無慮的選擇,被描述為清潔潤唇膏,呈固體形式,但在使用後迅速溶解成絲狀油。這款香膏由10種澳大利亞精油製成,適用於所有膚質,對於去除所有化妝品(包括防水產品)非常有效,不會產生與擦拭巾或棉墊相關的任何摩擦。柔滑的稠度讓您的肌膚感覺乾淨舒緩,就像您剛剛做過面部護理一樣。這裡要提到的一點是,它也不含香料,對於皮膚敏感的人來說非常棒。



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