Slim shapes anti cellulite cream contains an efficient fat burning formula comprised of natural ingredients.It helps fight cellulite through burning fat stored under the epidermis levels via sweating, which helps reducing stored water levels along the process. The advantages of using aesculus hippocastanum cladosiphon okamuranus, paulliania cupana and fatty alcohols for the skin have been tested lengthily and the results are associated with fat burning and a skin tightening and thus reshaping your body Used for a longer time period will help you tone your abdomen, waist, and thighs through reducing the fat in those areas with no side effects. The formula begins working immediately and results can be seen and felt after used.


Made in Australia


Eaoron Slim Shapes Anti Cellulite Cream 150g 溶脂塑形纖體膏

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  • 纖細的形狀抗脂肪霜含有一種由天然成分組成的高效脂肪燃燒配方。它有助於通過汗液燃燒儲存在表皮水平下的脂肪來對抗脂肪團,這有助於減少沿著過程存儲的水位。使用七葉樹hippocastanum cladosiphon okamuranus,paulliania cupana和脂肪醇對皮膚的優勢進行了長時間測試,結果與脂肪燃燒和皮膚緊緻相關,從而重塑你的身體長時間使用會幫助你調整你的腹部通過減少那些沒有副作用的區域的脂肪,腰部和大腿。該配方立即開始工作,使用後可以看到和感覺到結果。