Eaoron Ultimate Botox Mask is a highly effective mask for smoothing existing lines and preventing future deep wrinkles from appearing on your face. An active ingredient behaves like Botox, which helps to reduce fine and medium depth wrinkles. It contains an advanced [moisturising formula/solution] to hydrate the skin immediately and continuously for 48 hours. Natural ingredients such as green tea, witch hazel and chamomile extracts will also help soothe the skin.


Made in Australia

Eaoron Ultimate Botox Mask 5pcs 肉毒杆菌面膜

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  • Eaoron Ultimate Botox面膜是一種高效的面膜,可以撫平現有的線條,防止未來的皺紋出現在臉上。活性成分錶現得像肉毒桿菌毒素,有助於減少細紋和中度皺紋。它含有先進的[保濕配方/溶液],可立即持續保濕48小時。綠茶,金縷梅和洋甘菊提取物等天然成分也有助於舒緩肌膚。



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