EAORON SWF Whitening Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum Affected by aging, pollution and UV, skin slowly appears aging-signs and dull complexion. Special Australian natural native extract complex and SWF skin-whitening factor promote skin’s natural repair process, diminishing the appearance of aging signs for firmer, whitening, healthy-looking skin.


HOW TO USE: Twist off tab and gently squeeze contents of capsule onto palm. Apply to cleaned face and neck, and gently massage skin until entire content has been obsorbed completely. Use one capsule in morning and night.


Made in Australia

EAORON SWF Whitening Capsules Serum 108c 水光針美白膠囊 亮白益膚菌108粒

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  • EAORON SWF美白膠囊每日青春修復精華受到老化,污染和紫外線的影響,皮膚會慢慢出現衰老跡象和暗啞膚色。特殊的澳大利亞天然天然提取物複合物和SWF皮膚美白因子促進皮膚的自然修復過程,減少老化跡象的外觀,使肌膚更緊緻,美白,健康。





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