GO CALCIUM 1-A-DAY Natural Source is the perfect synergy of Calcium, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 which work together for superior absorption and bone health. Each capsule contains 500mg of elemental Calcium along with many other important bone health minerals from natural, sustainable seaweed (Lithothamnion Calcareum). The addition of 75mcg of clinically trialled ActivK™ (Vitamin K2) and Vitamin D3 ensures the advanced absorption and binding of Calcium into the bones, which helps to ensure bones stay strong, healthy and less likely to fracture and deteriorate.


Made in New Zealand


Age 13+: Take 1 Cap daily. Best taken with food. 

Go Healthy Calcium 1-A-Day 120c 高鈣膠囊

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  • GO CALCIUM 1-A-DAY 鈣,維生素D3和維生素K2是完美協同作用,具有卓越的吸收和骨骼健康。 每粒膠囊含有500毫克元素鈣及天然海藻(Lithothamnion Calcareum)的許多其他重要骨骼健康礦物質。添加75毫克臨床試驗的ActivK™(維生素K2)和維生素D3,確保鈣的吸收和結合骨頭,有助確保骨骼保持強壯,健康,不易骨折和惡化。



    13歲以上:每日1次。 最好搭配食物。

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