GO PROPOLIS 2000mg is a broad spectrum natural remedy that supports the maintenance of strong immunity. Propolis is collected from the buds of trees and flowers by bees and is used to seal and protect their hives from outside bugs.

- Immune support and protection
- Antioxidant and allergen protection
- Supports natural defences

Made in New Zealand

Adults: Take 1-2 SoftGel Capsules daily.
Best taken with food. 

Go Healthy Propolis 2000mg 180c 蜂膠膠囊

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  • GO PROPOLIS 2000mg 是一種天然藥物,可以維持強大的免疫力。蜂膠是從蜜蜂的樹木和花朵的芽中收集的,用於密封和保護它們的蕁麻疹免受外面的蟲子侵害。

    - 免疫支持和保護
    - 抗氧化和過敏原保護
    - 支持自然防禦




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