Good Health Cranberry 60,000 is a high strength formula that contains scientifically researched Cranberry extract to help support and maintain urinary tract and bladder health.


Recommended for

  • Urinary tract infections
  • Recurrent or chronic cystitis
  • Prevention of cystitis


Key Features

  • Contains clinically researched Cranberry extracts
  • High strength
  • Calms and soothes irritation
  • 1-a-day formula
  • Can be used for acute and maintenance use


Key Benefits

  • Shown to have a therapeutic action on urinary tract health support
  • Encourages a healthy urinary tract lining
  • One of the highest strengths available
  • Effective relief for the patient
  • Easy & convenient
  • Regular use helps reduce the incidence of urinary tract infections


Made in New Zealand


How to use

Take 1 capsule daily or as professionally advised.
Can also be taken ongoing to maintain a healthy urinary tract.

Good Health Cranberry 60,000mg 50 capsules 高含量蔓越莓60,000毫克 50粒

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  • Good Health蔓越莓60,000是一種高強度配方,經過科學研究的蔓越莓提取物,有助於支持和維持尿道和膀胱健康。


    • 尿路感染
    • 復發或慢性膀胱炎
    • 預防膀胱炎


    • 臨床研究的蔓越莓提取物
    • 高強度
    • 鎮定和舒緩刺激
    • 每天1次
    • 可用於急性和維護用途


    • 顯示對尿道健康有治療作用
    • 支持尿道健康
    • 最高優勢之一
    • 為患者提供有效緩解
    • 簡單方便
    • 定期使用有助於減少尿路感染的發生