Good Health Skin, Hair & Nails + contains silica from bamboo, grape seed and evening primrose oil. This high strength beauty formula helps support collagen production, skin appearance and provides antioxidant protection for naturally beautiful and healthy skin, hair and nails.

Key Features

  • High strength, comprehensive, natural beauty formula
  • Contains bamboo silica
  • Softgel liquid capsules
  • 1-a-day dose

Key Benefits

  • Contains 8 different key nutrients; bamboo silica, grape seed, biotin, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin C, zinc and evening primrose oil for strong and healthy skin, hair and nails and antioxidant protection
  • One of the richest known, natural sources of silica with high bioavailability & effectiveness
  • Easy to swallow and is quickly absorbed
  • Easy to take and one pack lasts for 2 months

Key indications

  • Dull & tired skin
  • Wrinkles & sun damaged skin
  • Moisture depleted skin
  • Stretch marks
  • Lack of skin elasticity 
  • Thin & fragile skin
  • Slow healing wounds
  • Poor hair condition; split ends, brittle hair
  • Thinning hair and slow hair growth
  • Weak or brittle nails that easily break, split or peel
  • Antioxidant protection


Made in New Zealand 


Good Health 好健康 胶原蛋白胶囊采用多种天然提取成分,有助于补充组织流失的胶原蛋白,修复受伤的胶原和弹性纤维,防止皮肤产生皱纹,使皮肤维持光滑、有弹力,促进指甲、头发及皮肤的健康,配方含有丰富的维他命、矿物质、氨基酸和一些其它附加的营养成份,确保修复和维护胶原质的完整性。坚持服用可以减少细纹和皱纹、强韧头发、强化指甲、强健骨骼、关节保健。

  • 规格:60粒
  • 品牌:Good Health 好健康
  • 产地:新西兰



  • 营养膳食补充剂,对人体机能有很好的调节保护作用。
  • 携带服用简单,快捷,给予皮肤、指甲和头发营养。
  • 天然成分安全可靠,无添加任何人工色素、香精、防腐剂。



  • 改善皮肤细胞生存环境和促进皮肤组织的新陈代谢,增强血液循环,达到滋润皮肤的目的。
  • 增加皮肤紧密度,产生皮肤张力,缩小毛孔,舒展粗纹,淡化细纹,使皮肤紧绷而富有弹性。
  • 滋养皮肤、毛发、指甲和全身的结缔组织。
  • 强力促进皮肤、毛发、指甲的新陈代谢。
  • 补充组织流失的胶原蛋白,修复受伤的胶原和弹性纤维。


Good Health Skin, Hair & Nail 60c 好健康膠原蛋白60粒

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  • Take 1 softgel liquid capsule daily with food or as professionally advised.



    None known. Safe to take during pregnancy and breastfeeding



    • 成人每日1粒,随餐服用,或遵医嘱。


    • 使用前应仔细阅读标签,请勿过量服用;
    • 请勿将其放置在儿童可触及的地方;
    • 请存放于避光、干燥、不高于25摄氏度处;
    • 膳食补充剂,不能替代药品和均衡、多样的饮食和健康生活方式;
    • 如有过敏现象,请立即停用并咨询医生。


  • Each Capsule Provides:
    Herbal extracts equiv to dry:
    Bambusa vulgaris (Bamboo) leaf (Providing silica - 50mg) 850mg
    Vitis vinifera (NZ Grape) seed 1000mg
    Biotin 1.3mg
    d-alpha tocopherol (Vitamin E) 40IU
    Retinyl palmitate (Vitamin A) 1000IU 
    Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 50mg
    Zinc (from citrate) 15mg 
    Evening Primrose Oil (Providing GLA (Gamma linolenic acid) - 30mg) 300m




    • 二氧化硅:50mg
    • 葡萄籽提取物:100mg
    • 维生素C:50mg
    • 生物素:1.3mg
    • 月见草油:30mg
    • 维生素E:40IU
    • 维生素A:100mg
    • 锌:15mg
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