Happy Valleys Original Blackstrap Molasses is the mineral rich product that remains after sugar refining.


A Good source of Iron, Calcium & Magnesium (2 Teaspoons is 20% of your DDI - recommended daily intake) .


This 100% natural unsulphared product  is rich in flavour as well as benefits, unlike the refined sugar you are use to seeing.


After the sugar cane is boiled down and processed all of the minerals are left behind in this thick dark viscous liquid that is known as Molasses.


No added preservatives, this natural product provides a good source of vital minerals that can help assist general well-being.  


Ingredients & Benefits:

The flavour is rich, almost like a boiled toffee (infact they make Rum using Molasses).

100% natural Blackstrap Molasses 


Directions & Usage Ideas:

Dissolve in hot water and add to drinks or as a replacement for Honey, Golden Syrup or sugar when baking - it gives baking a golden colour and rich flavour that sugar doesn't.


Made in New Zealand


Happy Valley Blackstrap Molasses with Ginger 500ml 純天然生姜黑糖

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  • Happy Valleys Original Blackstrap Molasses是一種富含礦物質的產品,經過糖精製後仍然存在。


    鐵,鈣和鎂的良好來源(2茶匙是您DDI的20% - 建議每日攝入量)












    溶於熱水並加入飲料或作為烘焙時蜂蜜,金糖漿或糖的替代品 - 它使烘焙呈現金色和濃郁的糖味。