8+ Minute Hand Mask is formulated with Goat Milk Extract to improve skin elasticity, brighten, moisture, repair and soothe dry hands. Ceramide 611 boost your skin barrier against external aggressions and helps to fight free radicals. Using the hand mask on a regular basis helps to intensely mourish the skin, nails and cuticles.


Made in New Zealand

Jema Rose 8+ Goat Milk Hand Mask 3 Pairs 8分鐘羊奶急救手膜3組/盒

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  • 8+分鐘手部面膜採用山羊奶提取物配製,可改善皮膚彈性,提亮膚色,滋潤,修復和舒緩乾手。神經酰胺611可以增強您的皮膚屏障抵抗外部侵害,並有助於對抗自由基。定期使用手膜有助於強烈滋潤皮膚,指甲和角質層。



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