8+ Minute SYN-AKE Restoring Eye Mask contains potent active ingredients. The serum is enriched with Chitin, known for the moisturising and antioxidant properties that help fight against free radicals which cause the signs of ageing.

SYN-AKE peptide, a synthetic form of snake venom. Thereby keeping the skin smooth and preventing the visible formation or deepening of wrinkles.

Use the eye mask at night as part of your daily routine, leaves the eye area smooth and younger looking.

Made in New Zealand

Jema Rose 8 minutes Syn-Ake Restoring Eye Mask 5pc 八分鐘修復眼膜

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  • 8+分鐘SYN-AKE修復眼膜含有強效活性成分。血清富含甲殼素,甲殼素具有保濕和抗氧化特性,有助於對抗引起衰老跡象的自由基。




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