An easily absorbed lotion formulated with sweet almond oil for pure skin hydration, in a mellow blend of lavender, sandalwood, cedarwood and orange to balance, calm and relax. This moisturising lotion is enriched with natural kiwifruit, harakeke and rosemary extracts to keep skin soft and nourished. Free from parabens, mineral oil and sodium lauryl sulphate to provide natural moisturisation. Ideal for daily use.


Made in New Zealand

Linden Leaves absolute dreams lotion 200ml

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  • 一種易於吸收的乳液,由甜杏仁油配製而成,可為肌膚提供純淨的水分,融合了薰衣草,檀香木,雪松木和橙子的柔和混合物,可平衡,鎮定和放鬆身心。這種保濕乳液富含天然奇異果,榛子和迷迭香提取物,可保持皮膚柔軟和營養。不含對羥基苯甲酸酯,礦物油和十二烷基硫酸鈉,可自然滋潤。日常使用的理想選擇。