Our “goto” daily moisturiser for healthy glowing skin at any age. Light textured and a dream to apply its packed full of natural ingredients to nurture beautiful skin including our signature organic white tea, calendula to calm, comfrey to regenerate and neroli to brighten and firm. TIP: for an extra moisture boost add a drop or two of Miraculous Facial Oil.


Made in New Zealand

Linden Leaves Essential Facial Moisturiser 100ml 面部保濕精華霜

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  • 中文

    我們的“ goto”日常保濕霜,適合任何年齡的健康發光肌膚。質地輕盈,是夢想,將其全部天然成分裝滿,可培育出美麗的皮膚,包括我們的招牌有機白茶,金盞花可鎮定,康芙莉可再生,而橙花油可提亮並緊實。提示:要額外增加水分,可添加一兩滴神奇的面部油。