Why settle for a boring bath? Soak up some serious revitalisation with these fragrant, fresh Green Verbena bath bombs.


Enriched with Sweet Almond Oil for soft skin. And packing a fresh fragrant punch your partner will love as much as you do.


Safe for little ones (& men!). Don’t want to share? Just make sure you don’t leave the pack out!


Made in New Zealand

Linden Leaves Green Verbena Bath Bombs 35g*4 浴鹽球 綠色馬鞭草

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  • 為什麼要洗個無聊的澡?用這些芬芳的新鮮綠色馬鞭草浴鹽球吸收一些嚴肅的活力。富含甜杏仁油,柔軟肌膚。您的伴侶會和您一樣愛。



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