A special selection set of our In Bloom 25ml Hand Creams – the perfect mix of floral and fresh scents including our newest fragrance Aqua Lily. Travel friendly, perfect to leave one in the car, one in the bedside drawer and one in your handbag for all day round nourishment!

Made in New Zealand

我們的護手霜的特別選擇 - 花香和清新香氣的完美組合,包括我們最新的香水Aqua Lily。旅行,車裡,床頭,抽屜和一支在你的手提包全天營養!


Linden Leaves In Bloom Hand Cream Set 手霜套裝

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  • 我們的護手霜特別精選套裝 – 花香和新鮮香氣的完美結合,包括我們最新的香水Aqua Lily。最適合一個人坐在車上,一個在床頭抽屜裡,一個在手提包裡,全天候使用!