Made in New Zealand 


Littlefish alpaca quilt filled with alpaca fiber and lamb wool, covered with 100% pure cotton cover.

Alpaca fiber is one of the highest moisture wicking properties of all natural fibers. The fibers absorb the moisture from your children’s body and release it outside into the air. The fibers are hollow state, they keep a steady temperature thus keep your children warm in winter and cool in summer.


The alpaca fibers are the lightest of all animal fibers, but they are to be 25% warmer than lamb wool.

Babies are our most precious gift and we love to help you to provide them with the best you can, Littlefish alpaca quilt will give your children a peaceful, quite night sleep.


Littlefish Alpaca Quilt 兒童駝羊四季被120*150cm (包郵)

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