Living Nature’s certified organic Kekebaby Body Lotion is a fast-absorbing lotion that moisturises and enriches skin. Clinically tested and dermatologist evaluated ensuring suitability for sensitive skins, Kekebaby Body Lotion is formulated with certified organic Manuka honey, coconut oil, calendula oil and aloe vera extract to nourish, hydrate and keep skin soft. The sweet vanilla fragrance is suitable for sensitive skin.

It is only natural to want the best for the little humans in your life, and your instincts tell you to nourish and protect their delicate skin with products that are nutrient-rich, safe and chemical free. 

Suitable for newborns and up


Made in New Zealand

Living Nature Kekebaby Lotion 100ml 寶寶有機身體乳

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  • 中文

    Living Nature認證的有機Kekebaby身體乳液是一種快速吸收的乳液,可滋潤和豐富皮膚。經過臨床測試和皮膚科醫生評估,確保適合敏感性皮膚,Kekebaby潤膚露由經過認證的有機麥盧卡蜂蜜,椰子油,金盞花油和蘆薈提取物配製而成,可滋養,保濕和保持皮膚柔軟。甜美的香草香氣適合敏感肌膚。