BIO30™ New Zealand Propolis Capsules contain pure concentrated premium New Zealand propolis with high levels of bioactives in every dose for powerful immune support and antioxidant protection.


Certified to contain a minimum of 30mg of bioactives (flavonoids and caffeates including CAPE) per 2 capsules.


Available in 180, 300 & 500 capsules.


Made in New Zealand


How to use: Take up to 4 capsules daily


Ingredients (per 2 capsules): BIO™ New Zealand Propolis 140mg, providing min. 30mg of bioactives. Capsulating aids: soybean oil, carob powder (anticaking agent), beeswax, lecithin, d-alpha tocopherol (vitamin E)


Warning: Propolis may cause allergic reactions in allergy sufferers. Not suitable for children under 4 years of age.



Nature's powerful protector, propolis is a powerful natural substance made by bees from plant resins to sterilise and protect the hive against infection.

New Zealand's unique environment produces propolis that is especially rich in bioactives and our research has identified the most potent bioactive flavonoids and caffeates including Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester (CAPE).


Manuka Health BIO™ New Zealand Propolis is the only propolis tested for bioactive flavonoids and caffeates, with guaranteed levels in every dose to deliver high strength immune support and antioxidant protection in the body.

Manuka Health BIO30 Propolis capsules 500c 蜂膠膠囊500粒

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  • BIO30™新西蘭蜂膠膠囊包含純濃縮優質新西蘭蜂膠,每劑中均含有高水平的生物活性物質,可提供強大的免疫支持和抗氧化保護。


















    Manuka Health BIO™新西蘭蜂膠是唯一經過測試的具有生物活性類黃酮和咖啡因的蜂膠,每種劑量均具有保證的水平,可在體內提供高強度的免疫支持和抗氧化保護。

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