Clinically researched/  May improve mobility/  May support cartilage repair/  May reduce inflammation and pain


Our capsules contain GlycOmega-PLUS™,which is extracted from green-lipped mussels harvested from the pristine water of New Zealand’s Marlborough Sounds.This natural source of Omega-3 contains valuable nutrients that may help maintain normal joint health.


Made in New Zealand

Maxcural Green Lipped Mussels 650mg 60 capsules 新西蘭青口關節膠囊60粒

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  • 臨床研究/可改善活動度/可支持軟骨修復/可減輕炎症和疼痛


    我們的膠囊含有GlycOmega-PLUS™,它是從新西蘭Marlborough Sound原始水中採集的綠唇貽貝中提取的。這種天然Omega-3來源含有有助於維持正常關節健康的有價值營養素。



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