MEO™ Lite Helix™ Filter Pack 


Please note: These filters are individual packs without packaging box.


5 key elements:

  • Filtration – MEO™ Helix™ Filter Media provides superior electrostatic performance, capturing over 98% of PM 0.1 particles and filtering out more than 99.99% of airborne bacteria.
  • Breathability – we have the world’s most breathable filter media, allowing the wearer to receive a steady stream of purified air because it takes less energy to draw air through the filter.
  • Standards – AS/NZS 1716:2012 .
  • Fitting – Come in two different sizes in order to match your MEO™ Lite mask.
  • New Zealand Manuka oil – Every MEO™ Lite Filter is infused with specially formulated New Zealand Manuka oil extract, for calming and soothing respiratory protection.
  • Ease –  Very easy to be replaced and disposed.


Made in New Zealand


Meo KN95 Kids Helix Filter (10pc) 兒童高效防護濾芯 (10片)

SKU: ME005
  • MEO™Lite Helix™ 滤芯



    • 過濾– MEO™Helix™滤芯具有出色的靜電性能,可捕獲98%的PM 0.1顆粒,並過濾掉99.99%以上的空氣傳播細菌。
    • 透氣性-我們擁有世界上最透氣的過濾介質,可讓佩戴者獲得穩定的純淨空氣流,因為通過滤芯吸入空氣所需的能量更少。
    • 標準– AS / NZS 1716:2012。
    • 合適–兩種不同尺寸,以匹配您的MEO™Lite口罩。
    • 新西蘭麥盧卡油–每個MEO™Lite滤芯均注入了特殊配方的新西蘭麥盧卡油提取物,以鎮靜和舒緩呼吸。
    • 簡單使用-易於更換和處置。