Okioki Sleep Factory Antibacterial Mask


  • Pure cotton for breathability
  • Effective antibacterial coating
  • Hyaluronic acid for comfort
  • PM2.5 filter screen to isolate harmful substances
  • Breakthrough Textile Technology
  • 3-layer Antibacterial Technology
  • Eco-friendly
  • Mask can be washed as much as you can
  • Antobacterial function will be slowly decrease each time you wash


Made in New Zealand


Size: Free size


Direction: Mask can be hand-washed in warm water with gentle soap and dry naturally.

Okioki Antibacterial Face Mask 1pc 抗菌口罩 单只装

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  • Okioki 抗菌環保玻尿酸口罩

    • 純棉透氣
    • 有效的抗菌塗層
    • 玻尿酸精華帶來舒適感
    • PM2.5濾網可隔離有害物質
    • 突破性紡織技術
    • 三層抗菌技術
    • 環保
    • 可以多次清洗
    • 每次清洗時,抗菌功能都會逐漸下降低





    如何保養口罩: 用暖水及溫和的皂洗手並自然乾燥。

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