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Ostelin® Vitamin D Liquid for Kids is formulated for infants and children under 12 years of age as a supplement to assist in the prevention of vitamin D deficiency, especially in those at significant risk.

Why Liquid Vitamin D for Kids?
From Australia’s #1 Vitamin D brand, Ostelin® Vitamin D Liquid for Kids provides 200IU of vitamin D3 per 0.5ml dose and includes an easy to use measuring dispenser ensuring accurate dose delivery.

Available in a tasty strawberry flavour Ostelin® Vitamin D Liquid for Kids can be administered directly into the infant/child’s mouth or added to their favourite drink.

How this product works
Vitamin D is essential for efficient absorption and utilisation of calcium and phosphorous in the body, which are vital for the production of strong bones and healthy nervous and immune systems. A diet deficient in vitamin D and calcium may lead to poor bone density later in life.

Ostelin® Vitamin D Liquid for Kids is suitable as a supplement to assist in the prevention of vitamin D deficiency, especially in those at increased risk. At increased risk are those mothers and children with darker skin, those who avoid sunlight or wear concealing clothing.

Vitamin D is important for both lactating women and nursing infants. Vitamin D is needed for optimal bone mineralisation in children especially during times when sunlight exposure is limited.

Ostelin® contains vitamin D3, the form that is produced naturally in the body. It contains no added sugar and no artificial colours or preservatives.

Ostelin Vitamin D Liquid Kids Strawberry 20ml 兒童VD滴劑草莓味

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  • For infants and children under 12 years if age

    General supplementation: 0.5ml daily with a meal or as directed by your health care professional

    Supplementation for at risk groups: 1.0ml daily with a meal or as directed by your healthcare professional

    Each 0.5 ml dose contains vitamin D3 200IU (cholecalciferol 5µg)

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