This masque contains the unique Pink Lake coral powder to gently clean dirt, oil and make up residues helping shrink pores for a more refined skin texture. Combined with natural ingredients, it stimulates the skin to produce collagen and restore elasticity through deep hydration and replenishment. Recovering the skin’s original smooth and firm complexion.


Made in Australia

Eaoron PPY Perth Pink Lake Whitening Coral Masque 10g*10 澳洲珀斯粉湖透白泥面膜10包

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  • 這款面膜含有獨特的粉紅湖珊瑚粉,可溫和清潔污垢,油脂和化妝殘留物,幫助收縮毛孔,打造更精緻的肌膚質地。結合天然成分,通過深層補水和補水,刺激皮膚產生膠原蛋白,恢復彈性。恢復肌膚原有的光滑和緊緻膚色。



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