MEO™ is a distinctive protective mask designed specifically for human health. Originating in New Zealand, it combines elements of nature, technology and innovation and will contribute towards a healthier world.
5 key elements:
	Prevent flu – Highly effective in filtering 99.99% of harmful airborne bacteria, removing most flu pathogens. This unique anti-bacterial quality helps users reduce the risk of being infected by colds and flu. It can also reduce noxious gases such as formaldehyde.
	Capture particles – Efficient in capturing 99.80% PM 0.1 harmful particles, you will have total confidence that it’s protecting you from diseases caused by particles in the air.
	Comfortable and breathable – Extensive research and analysis have resulted in a mask that can be moulded to fit every face comfortably. Adjustable ear loops and noseband form a perfect seal. Its high-tech materials, quality of workmanship, and unique replaceable filter reduce the build-up of moisture and heat, making MEO™ a highly breathable face mask. It’s so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing it.
	Prevent allergy – Helix™ filter uses natural New Zealand wool media. It is natural, comfortable and soft, effectively filtering the dust in the air and most allergens like pollen, mould, dust mites etc. and reduces the occurrence of respiratory allergies, such as hay fever, allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma.
	Safe and skin-friendly – The fabric is safe and non-toxic. It’s easy to put on, comfortable to wear and offers the user an unrivalled level of protection.
	New Zealand Manuka oil – Every MEO™ Lite (Black, Grey, City, Dandelion, Blue) is infused with specially formulated New Zealand Manuka oil extract, for calming and soothing respiratory protection. Not infused with Manuka scent: Checker, Stitch, Shadow.

Made in New Zealand
Size: L 350-410mm / M 290-350mm
How long does the filter lasts?
Each filter can be used up to 50 hours.
Each set includes:
Mask cover x1
Helix Filters x10 (2+8)

Meo KN95 Lite Mask - Checker (10 Filters) 成人輕便防護口罩 - 格仔花紋 (10濾芯)

SKU: ME022
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    • 預防流感-高效過濾99.99%的有害空氣傳播細菌,去除大多數流感病原體。這種獨特的抗菌質量可以幫助用戶減少感冒和流感感染的風險。它還可以減少有害氣體,例如甲醛。
    • 捕集顆粒物–有效捕集99.80%PM 0.1有害顆粒物,您將完全有信心保護自己免受空氣中顆粒物引起的疾病的侵害。
    • 舒適透氣-廣泛的研究和分析得出了一種可以成型為舒適貼合每個面部的口罩。可調節的耳圈和鼻帶形成完美的密封。它的高科技材料,工藝質量和獨特的可更換過濾器減少了水分和熱量的積聚,使MEO™成為高度透氣的面罩。如此舒適,您會忘記自己正在佩戴。
    • 防止過敏– Helix™滤芯使用天然的新西蘭羊毛介質。它天然,舒適,柔軟,可有效過濾空氣中的灰塵和大多數過敏原,例如花粉,黴菌,塵蟎等,並減少呼吸道過敏的發生,如花粉症,過敏性鼻炎,過敏性哮喘。
    • 安全和皮膚友好-織物安全無毒。它易於穿著,穿著舒適,並為用戶提供了無與倫比的保護水平。
    • 新西蘭麥盧卡油–每種MEO™Lite(黑色,灰色,城市,蒲公英,藍色)都注入了特殊配方的新西蘭麥盧卡油提取物,以鎮靜和舒緩呼吸。不注入麥盧卡香氣:棋盤格,藍織,陰影。




    尺寸:均碼/大碼 350-410mm





    口罩套 x1
    高效防護濾芯 x8 (2+6)