"Savar hand cream is my absolute favourite product, it doesn't leave my handbag" Julia and Libby - Health and Wellness gurus.

The fastest way to beautiful hands, our Savar anti-aging hand cream is a hand cream like no other that strengthens nails, makes a wonderful cuticle cream and works wonders on dry and cracked heels and protecting skin against pollution! Fabulous for dry and sensitive skin and other skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, this fast absorbing hand treatment will leave your hands wonderfully soft, smooth and protected. 

Enriched with:
New Zealand avocado - one of natures true wonders that's anti-aging, fast absorbing, uber-nourishing, softening and protecting.
Organic violet - soothes inflammation and helps improve skin condition.
Lime flower - hydrating and refreshing.

Made in New Zealand

Savar Advanced Hand Repair 60ml 強效修護手霜

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  • “Savar護手霜是我最喜歡的產品,它不會留下我的手提包”Julia和Libby  -  Health and Wellness大師。




    新西蘭鱷梨 - 抗衰老,快速吸收,超級營養,軟化和保護的天然真正奇蹟之一。
    有機紫 - 舒緩炎症,幫助改善皮膚狀況。
    石灰花 - 保濕和清爽。