Rich, luxurious and age defying, this overnight natural moisturiser works hard while you're sleeping and is especially beneficial for sensitive skin, mature and dry skin. Beautifully fragranced, plant based and wonderfully rich in age defying antioxidants, our natural night cream will smooth, plump and replenish your skin, leaving skin protected and wonderfully soft and healthy.


Enriched with:

New Zealand blackcurrant seed oil - one of nature's true wonders that is rich in vitamin C, A and K, antioxidants and essential fatty acids to nourish, soothe, calm and protect skin.

Organic pomegranate - one of natures best age defying natural antioxidants that nourishes, restores and replenishes your skin.


How to use:
Gently massage nightly onto your face and neck and enjoy the perfect way to finish your day.


  • GMP certified and certified with the New Zealand FernMark Licence.
  • Safe to use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.
  • Made in New Zealand, recyclable bottle.

Savar Antioxidant Night Cream 100ml (For All Skin Types) 抗氧化晚霜 (所有膚質)

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  • 豐富,奢華,適合年齡,這款隔夜天然保濕霜在您睡覺時起作用,對敏感性皮膚,成熟和乾燥的皮膚特別有益。我們的天然晚霜具有美麗的芳香,植物性和富含抗衰老的抗氧化劑,能夠撫平皮膚,使皮膚保持柔軟,健康。


    新西蘭黑加侖種子油 - 自然界真正的奇蹟之一,富含維生素C,A和K,抗氧化劑和必需脂肪酸,滋養,舒緩,鎮靜和保護皮膚。

    有機石榴 - 天然抗衰老的天然抗氧化劑之一,滋養,恢復和補充你的皮膚。



    • GMP通過新西蘭FernMark許可證認證。
    • 在懷孕期間和母乳喂養期間使用安全。
    • 新西蘭製造,可回收瓶。
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