"A brilliant multi-tasker to boot and feels like heaven on the skin." Pretty Beautiful Fashion & Beauty Blog.


Made in New Zealand, this natural face cleansing lotion instantly removes all types of make up from your eyes, face and lips including stubborn mascara. Lovingly formulated for dry skin and sensitive skin, this gentle, non drying, plant based cream cleanser leaves skin wonderfully cleansed, soft and hydrated.


Enriched with:

New Zealand calendula - antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, has natural restorative properties and wonderfully soothing for all skin conditions.

Organic sunflower - moisturises and conditions dry and sensitive skin.

Sweet orange - refines pores, brightens complexion & great for removing excess oil.


How to use:

Gently massage our Savar natural cleanser onto your face, lips and neck morning and evening and tissue off. 


  • GMP certified and certified by New Zealand FernMark.
  • Safe to use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.
  • Made in New Zealand, recyclable bottle.

Savar Essential Cleansing Lotion 180ml (Normal/Dry/Sensitive) 精華潔面乳(中性/乾性/敏感性皮膚)

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  • “一個出色的多任務開機,感覺就像天堂在皮膚上。”漂亮時尚美容博客。



    新西蘭金盞花 - 抗菌,抗炎,具有天然的修復功效,可以舒緩所有皮膚狀況。

    有機向日葵 - 滋潤和乾燥和敏感皮膚的條件。

    甜橙 - 細緻毛孔,提亮膚色,非常適合去除多餘油脂。



    • GMP通過新西蘭FernMark認證和認證。
    • 在懷孕期間和母乳喂養期間使用安全。
    • 新西蘭製造,可回收瓶。