All my (mediocre) face washes have been replaced with this single product. It's moisturising enough that after I lather it on, I use a face towel for a little exfoliating treatment. It's got an instant firming element and my skin feels firm yet soft for hours. Vanisha - A Life Un-Styled


Natural, soap free, unisex and non drying, this biodegradable, plant based face wash is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. Heavenly scented and lovingly formulated to gently remove make up and impurities, minimise break outs and leave your skin feeling cleansed, soft and revitalised.


Enriched with:
New Zealand manuka honey - one of nature's true wonders. A natural antimicrobial that is  soothing, calming and protecting.

Organic cucumber - a natural extract to cool, hydrate and tone skin.

Lemon fruit - softens, cleanses and assists in brightening.


How to use:
Gently massage onto damp face and neck then remove with a warmly rinsed cloth. 


  • GMP certified and certified by New Zealand FernMark.
  • Safe to use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.
  • Made in New Zealand, recyclable bottle. 

Savar Luxury Face Wash 180ml (Oily/Combination/Sensitive Skin) 高級潔面 (油性/混合性/敏感性)

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  • 我的所有(平庸)洗面奶都被這種單品所取代。它具有足夠的保濕性,在我泡了之後,我會用一塊面巾進行一點去角質護理。它有一個瞬間緊緻元素,我的皮膚感覺堅定而柔軟數小時。 Vanisha  - 一種沒有風格的生活


    新西蘭麥盧卡蜂蜜 - 大自然的真正奇蹟之一。天然抗菌劑,具有舒緩,鎮靜和保護作用。

    有機黃瓜 - 一種天然提取物,可以冷卻,滋潤和調理肌膚。

    檸檬水果 - 軟化,清潔和幫助提亮。


    • GMP通過新西蘭FernMark認證和認證。
    • 在懷孕期間和母乳喂養期間使用安全。
    • 新西蘭製造,可回收瓶。

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