A foaming cleanser with exquisite serum texture, gently removes impurity and preserves natural moisture.


  • Quickly transforms into a soft, lightweight, delicate foam that clings to skin comfortably.

  • Improves dull surface impurities, promotes skin metabolism and has visible translucency and gloss.

  • Formulated by gentle cleansing ingredients, protects essential moisture and encourages a soft, supple and dewy surface texture.

  • Contains soy extracts effectively reducing the irritation of the skin.

  • Contains an active ingredient of New Zealand Manuka honey to fight against skin sensitive and soothe its pressure.

  • Removes excess sebum and minimize pores,creates a smooth, refreshing complexion.


Made in New Zealand


How to use

Place 1-2 pumps of products into palm and work up a rich lather by adding cool or lukewarm water. Massage gently with circular motion on face. Rinse well.



Soya Garden Foaming Wash 150ml 淨潤潔面露

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  • 具有精緻血清質地的泡沫清潔劑,可輕柔地去除雜質並保留天然水分。


    • 迅速轉變為柔軟,輕巧,細膩的泡沫,舒適地緊貼皮膚。
    • 改善暗沉的表面雜質,促進皮膚新陳代謝,並具有可見的半透明性和光澤。
    • 由溫和的清潔成分配製而成,可保護必需的水分,並促進柔軟,水潤和乾燥的表面質感。
    • 含有大豆提取物,可有效減少皮膚刺激。
    • 含有新西蘭麥盧卡蜂蜜的活性成分,可對抗皮膚敏感和舒緩壓力。
    • 去除多餘的皮脂並最大程度地減少毛孔,打造光滑,清爽的膚色。






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