Deeply penetrates the delicate skin around your eyes, delivering maximum concentrations of Natural Astaxanthin and other skin nourishing ingredients. Helps to reduce the signs of aging, such as dark circles, under-eye bags and fine lines, creating a beautiful, hydrated, radiant, healthy and even looking complexion with continued use over time. For best result use ASTAS™ Age Defying Eye Cream after applying ASTAS™ Age Defying Moisturiser in the morning or Night Cream Mask in the evening.


How to use:

Apply 1 pump of ASTAS™ Age Defying Eye Cream by gently patting it into your skin with the pad of your finger until the cream is fully absorbed.


Made in New Zealand


Supreme Health’s ASTAS™ Age Defying skin care range combines the power of AstaNZ™ Natural Astaxanthin and other natural nourishing ingredients for a radiant and healthy complexion.

Astaxanthin is a bright red pigment found in salmon and krill, however the most potent and environmentally sustainable form comes from from freshwater algae Haematococcus pluvialis. Natural Astaxanthin is the most powerful antioxidant known on the planet. It penetrates through the cells and neutralises free radicals both inside and out, protecting the cells from oxidative stress damage – the main reason for premature skin aging.


6000x more powerful than Vitamin C
3000x more powerful than Resveratrol
800x more powerful than CoQ10
550x more powerful than Vitamin E

Supreme Health ASTAS Age Defying Eye Cream 15ml 逆齡美顏眼霜

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  • 深入滲透眼部周圍的嬌嫩肌膚,提供最大濃度的天然蝦青素和其他皮膚滋養成分。有助於減少衰老的跡象,如黑眼圈,眼袋和細紋,隨著時間的推移持續使用,創造美麗,滋潤,容光煥發,健康均勻的膚色。為了獲得最佳效果,請在早上使用ASTAS™抗衰老保濕霜或晚上使用晚霜面膜後使用ASTAS™抗衰老眼霜。







    Supreme Health的ASTAS™抗衰老護膚系列結合了AstaNZ™天然蝦青素和其他天然滋養成分的強大功效,令肌膚煥發健康光彩。

    蝦青素是一種在鮭魚和磷蝦中發現的鮮紅色素,但最有效和環境可持續的形式來自淡水藻類雨生紅球藻(Haematococcus pluvialis)。天然蝦青素是地球上最強大的抗氧化劑。它滲透細胞併中和內外自由基,保護細胞免受氧化應激損傷 - 皮膚過早老化的主要原因。



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