A premium quality formula with grape seed and co-enzyme Q10. This beauty supplement supports collagen production and integrity, plus skin elasticity and firmness. Also contains antioxidants, which help reduce free radical damage to body cells.


  • Collagen Production, Integrity & Structure:

    Collagen is a major structural protein found in the dermis of the skin, where the first signs of aging occur. Contains collagen peptides from type I and III collagen and formulated with vitamin C to support the production of collagen.

  • Skin Firmness & Elasticity

    Vitamin C plays a key role in skin elasticity to maintain healthy, firm and supple skin, and support skin repair and regeneration.

  • Free Radical & Photoaging Protection

    Antioxidant properties from grape seed, co-enzyme Q10 and vitamin E help reduce free radical damage to cells in the body.

  • Made in Australia


How to use

Three tablets daily, during or immediately after a meal, or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Swisse Beauty Collagen Glow with Collagen Peptides 60 tablets 美白膠原蛋白發光片

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  • 優質配方,含葡萄籽和輔酶Q10。這款美容補品可支持膠原蛋白的生成和完整性,以及皮膚彈性和緊緻度。還含有抗氧化劑,有助於減少自由基對身體細胞的傷害。


    • 膠原蛋白生產,完整性和結構:


    • 皮膚緊緻和彈性


    • 自由基和光老化保護






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