Swisse Blood Orange Brightening Clay Mask is formulated with yellow Australian clay for a luxurious, creamy facial treatment. Enriched with active botanicals, it targets uneven skin tone and rejuvenates tired skin to provide the complexion with a healthy, natural glow.

Key Ingredients:
Papaya Fruit Extract - A gentle botanical exfoliant which polishes, repairs and revitalises the skin's appearance.
Turmeric Extract - Assists with revitalising and soothing the appearance of irritated skin caused by environmental damage.
Niacinamide - Rejuvenates dull, tired skin and assists with the appearance of pigmentation and uneven skin tone.
Ginseng Extract - Naturally brightens the skin's appearance.
Yellow Australian Kaolin Clay - Helps remove dead skin cells, absorb excess oil and draw out impurities.

Made in Australia

Swisse Blood Orange Brightening Clay Mask 70g 血橙美白泥膜

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  • Swisse血橙亮白泥面膜採用黃色澳大利亞粘土配方,帶來奢華的乳霜面部護理。富含活性植物成分,針對膚色不均勻,使疲憊的肌膚恢復活力,為肌膚帶來健康自然的光澤。

    木瓜果實萃取物 - 一種溫和的植物去角質,可以修復和修復皮膚的外觀。
    薑黃提取物 - 有助於恢復和舒緩由環境損害引起的刺激性皮膚外觀。
    煙酰胺 - 使暗沉,疲倦的皮膚恢復活力,並有助於出現色素沉著和膚色不均勻。
    人參提取物 - 自然提亮膚色。
    黃色澳大利亞高粘土 - 幫助去除死皮細胞,吸收多餘油脂並吸出雜質。


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