Swisse Cranberry Pore Perfecting Clay Mask is formulated with pink Australian clay for a gentle, luxurious facial treatment. It combines natural fruit acids containing AHA and BHA to clarify and purify the skin, helping to refine and tighten the pores for a clear, smooth complexion.

Active ingredients:

Cranberry Fruit Extract - Contains natural acids to help prevent clogging of the pores.

Dragon Fruit - This exotic fruit provides a rich source of antioxidants to help protect the skin from free radicals for a more youthful, smooth appearance.

Lemon Fruit Extract - Citric acid found in lemons containing Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), which assists with resurfacing skin texture and evening skin tone for a brighter complexion.

White Willow Bark - Naturally contains Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) to help the exfoliation process by sloughing dead skin cells and soothing blemishes, making way for fresh, bright and radiant skin.

Pink Australian Kaolin Clay - Helps remove dead skin cells and absorb excess oil, minimising the appearance of pores.


Made in Australia

Swisse Cranberry Clay Mask 70g 蔓越莓礦物泥膜

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  • Swisse蔓越莓毛孔完美泥面膜採用粉紅色澳大利亞粘土配方,帶來溫和,奢華的面部護理。它結合了含有AHA和BHA的天然果酸,能夠澄清和淨化肌膚,幫助精緻和收緊毛孔,使肌膚更加清透,柔滑。


    蔓越莓果萃取物 - 含有天然酸,有助於防止毛孔堵塞。

    火龍果 - 這種異國情調的水果提供豐富的抗氧化劑來幫助保護皮膚免受自由基的侵害,使皮膚更加年輕,光滑。

    檸檬水果萃取物 - 含檸檬酸的檸檬酸含有α羥基酸(AHA),有助於重塑肌膚紋理和晚間膚色,使膚色更明亮。

    白柳樹皮 - 天然含有β-羥基酸(BHA),通過去除死皮細胞和舒緩瑕疵來幫助去角質過程,為新鮮,明亮和容光煥發的肌膚鋪平道路。

    粉紅色澳大利亞高嶺土粘土 - 幫助去除死皮細胞,吸收多餘油脂,減少毛孔外觀。