Swisse Ultiboost Evening Primrose Oil is a premium quality formula that may provide premenstrual support for women. It helps maintain healthy skin and supports general health and wellbeing.


Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA): Swisse Ultiboost Evening Primrose Oil is a source of the long-chain fatty acid, GLA.

Premenstrual Support: Research suggests that GLA may help support women during the premenstrual period.

Skin Health: Evening Primrose Oil may also help maintain the appearance of healthy skin, and help to soothe and calm dry skin.

Swisse Ultiboost Evening Primrose Oil has been formulated based on scientific evidence to help support the health of women.


Made in Australia


How to use

One capsule, three times daily or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Swisse Evening Primrose Oil 200c 月見草油 200粒

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  • SWISSE ULTIBOOST月見草油是一種優質配方,可為女性提供經前支持。它有助於保持健康的皮膚,並支持一般健康和福祉。


    伽瑪亞麻酸(GLA):Swisse Ultiboost月見草油是長鏈脂肪酸GLA的來源。



    SWISSE ULTIBOOST月見草油基於科學證據制定,有助於支持女性健康。