For those who regularly spend time on smartphones, computers and other screen-based devices, popping one tasty Lutein soft chew once a day can help absorb some of that harmful blue light and prevent it from causing permanent damage to your tired eyes! This supplement is enriched with vitamins B1, E and A to support healthy vision and to help defend your eyes against the risk of cataracts later in life.There’s so much to benefit from taking a safe, natural supplement that supports your everyday wellness and is deliciously chewable as well!Made in New ZealandEach Soft-Chew Contains:Lutein 5% from Marigold: 20mgZeaxanthin 1% from Marigold: 2mgVitamin A: 125mcgVitamin B1: 0.5mgVitamin E: 1.5mgSelenium: 13.5mcg

The Good Vitamin Co Lutein Eye Health 60 Soft Chews 成人葉黃素護眼軟糖60粒

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