The Thera Lady brand new label of 24k Pure Gold Ampoule is the ultimate skin hydrating formula. Naturally formulated with the purest ingredients, the Thera Lady 24k provides an anti-oxidating effect with gold attracting ions from your skin for that feeling of pure clean softness.


The active gold has a strong shielding effect against electromagnetic waves and with specific properties to shield against radiowaves particularly beneficial for office ladies.


The gold ions in the 24k Pure Gold Ampoule activate our own collagen regeneration after entering the skin, which improve skin elasticity, reduces fine lines and fades eye circles. After active gold ions enter the skin, smile currents are generated, blood circulation is promoted, edema is eliminated. Together with Thera Lady toner, lotion and cream products, it can achieve a whitening effect and fade dark circles.


How to use

After cleansing in the morning and night, prep your skin with toner. Take a moderate amount (about 5 drops, depends on skin dryness) ad apply to the entire face and neck skin. Gently pat for better absorption. Finish with applying lotion or cream.


Suitable for

Multiple skin conditions, special benefit for rough dry fragile skin, and combination skin type.


Made in Australia


Thera Lady Australian 24K Pure Gold Ampoule 100ml 24K納米黃金精華液 大金瓶

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  • Thera Lady全新24k Pure Gold Ampoule標籤是終極肌膚保濕配方。 Thera Lady 24k採用最純淨的成分自然配方,提供抗氧化效果,金色吸引皮膚中的離子,帶來純淨柔軟的感覺。




    24k純金安瓿中的金離子在進入皮膚後激活我們自己的膠原蛋白再生,從而改善皮膚彈性,減少細紋和淡化眼圈。活性金離子進入皮膚後,產生微笑電流,促進血液循環,消除水腫。與Thera Lady爽膚水,乳液和乳霜產品配合使用,可達到美白效果,淡化黑眼圈。