Vierra Air Supreme Essence ASE provides essential nutrients for the collagen network to firm the skin. 


As a daily practice the Vierra Marine Supreme Essence provides a new approach to skincare with beauty on the inside and out. The Air Supreme Essence improves hydration levels and reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 


For a more radiant now the answer is the Vierra ASE. 

A serious superfood for the skin

The Air Supreme Essence is enriched with free radical-fighting antioxidants and skin-plumping anti-glycation. 


Made in Australia 

Vierra Air Supreme Essence 55ml*7 極輕體美容飲燃脂瘦身飲品 55ml*7支

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  • Vierra Air Supreme Essence ASE為膠原蛋白網絡提供必需的營養成分,緊緻肌膚。


    作為日常實踐,Vierra Marine Supreme Essence提供了一種全新的護膚方法,內外均為美容。 Air Supreme Essence可改善水合作用,減少細紋和皺紋。


    為了更加容光煥發,答案就是Vierra ASE。


    Air Supreme Essence富含抗自由基的抗氧化劑和抗皮膚豐滿的抗糖化作用。



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