Vierra-Forest Supreme Essence 55ml x 7 is a superfood for your skin health. It's infused with free-radical fighting pomegranate and blackcurrant extracts and skin-smoothing bio-enzymes.


Renowned for its effectiveness it helps in plumping and firming the skin to decrease the appearance of lines and wrinkles, helps in promoting cell turnover for a smoother, younger-looking skin.



Pomegranate 8,600 mg – a super fruit that’s extraordinary effective in both anti-glycation and anti -oxidization, which equals to 50 times of VE or 20 times of VC. 


Grapeseed 20,000 mg – rich in natural polyphenols such as proantho cyanidins and resveratrol and multi-vitamins, which work hand in hand in preventing premature ageing and fighting the signs of ageing.


Made in Australia 

Vierra Forest Supreme Essence 55ml*7 深海勝肽抗氧化抗糖美肌飲55ml*7支

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  • Vierra-Forest Supreme Essence 55ml x 7是一款適合您皮膚健康的超級食品。它注入了自由基戰鬥石榴和黑加侖提取物和皮膚光滑的生物酶。





    石榴8,600毫克 - 一種超級水果,在抗糖化和抗氧化方面都非常有效,相當於VE的50倍或VC的20倍。


    葡萄籽20,000毫克 - 富含天然多酚,如原花青素,白藜蘆醇和多種維生素,可以防止過早衰老和對抗衰老跡象。


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